My Leave Balances

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On your Talexio dashboard you will find the leave balances widget. This gives you a summary of your entitlement, used amounts and balances. 




You do not need any permissions to be able to see your own leave balance. All you need is access to your account.

Leave Type

The leave type is a category of leave that you are entitled to by your employer.

In some situations you may have more than one type of balance available for you; for example Vacation Leave, Study leave, Parental leave, etc. In many cases, these leave types are unlocked for you only when they are necessary.


The leave entitlement is made up of the base entitlement and any adjustments such as leave carry forward. In the case of part-timers and irregular workers, the entitlement includes any accumulated amounts based on their working hours to date. When the Leave Type has been set up to be calculated pro rata, then the entitlements will be calculated according to the employee's employment period and job schedule. This article explains how this is calculated.


The used column shows you the total amount of used leave to date.


The balance is the remaining amount of entitlement after having deducted the used amount. This is the amount that remains available to you when booking leave of this type.


Accrued Leave to date

The leave balances pod also shows you the leave hours that you have accrued up until the end of the current month. In most cases this is shown beneath each number and displayed in brackets.

The Accrued balance includes a sum of the following:

  • Hours of leave accrued from start date of employment or beginning of the year (if employed prior to current year), pro rata based on your job schedule.
  • Any Adjustments, such as leave carried forward, which are not expired.
  • Any Accumulated leave in the case of irregular/casual workers or Part timers who work extra hours.

More details

More details on the make-up of your leave entitlements is available by clicking the VIEW button. Here you can find a full breakdown of your entitlement, including any adjustments that were factored into it.




This relates to any additional leave. The value of the adjustments is derived from the 'Adjustments breakdown' on the right of the window. If this is made up of leave carried forward from the previous year, it might include an expiry date. If the leave is not booked (and consumed) before the expiry date, then the leave will vanish from your balance breakdown.  


Please note that any leaves carried forward, are the first to be consumed, when booking leave. 


Leave Amount

You might be curious to know how much each hour of leave is worth in monetary teams. If so, check this article for information. 

Some organisations may choose to display all these amounts in DAYS rather than HOURS. This may be the case in your organisation.