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Release notes 27/07/2022

Talexio Tech-Support
Talexio Tech-Support
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27th July 2022

Here is what’s new with Sprint 10



Highlights from this release

  • We’ve introduced a new way to upload multiple salary reviews.
  • It is now possible to flag all clocked hours as basic hours automatically at the approval step.
  • External tutors can now mark attendance of trainees.



So what's new on Talexio?


Added Help & Live chat menu features 💬

  • New items added to our Help & Live chat menu make it easier to book training sessions, visit our help centre. See what’s new and talk with one of our customer support specialists.



Hybrid login 👥

  • If your organization uses single sign on to access Talexio, you can now also invite users such as third party contractors to login with a Talexio account even when they do not have a SSO account.



Salary reviews 📋

  • We’ve introduced a new way to upload multiple salary reviews from the new bulk upload feature. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.





  • Checklists deleted whilst the checklist dialog is open are now instantly removed.


  • With the right permission, it is now possible to see all checklists by owner/subject.



Time and Attendance

  • Flag all clocked hours as basic hours automatically at the approval step. This can be done simply by enabling a checkbox for specified employees. Click here to read an in depth article about this feature.


  • In the Shift Template creation dialog, the dropdown menu for cost centres is now sorted alphabetically.


  • In the Time and Attendance Review & Approve page, a confirmation dialog will now appear when trying to link a clocking to a shift which already has a clocking linked to it.



Training management 🚴‍♀️

  • External tutors can now receive complete visibility on invited employees, fill out the attendance list, and also download the attendance report.




Helpful Articles 📖


Webinars 📺

In case you missed our latest webinar, here is a link to the permissions session.

We will be hosting more webinars in the future, so keep an eye out for the next one! We will communicate the sessions and dates via email.



Your Feedback Matters 💪🏽

To help us improve these and other features, please let us know what you think using the feedback section. You can also send your suggestions via support chat or email to We encourage you to also leave us comments in the ‘Your Feedback’ button from the main menu which shows up every 90 days. We really appreciate the time you take to help Talexio be a better HR software. 


In case you missed them, here are our previous release notes.


Until next time! 👋

Since the Support Help Centre is your first step in receiving support on Talexio, we have been working on some significant improvements to it. New articles, gifs, calculations and so much more means that most of the questions you have can be answered in one of our articles. For the specific questions that you may have, you can always reach us on chat or email us on